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Sex may sell, but products designed to excite tend to get censored. No one understands that fact—or its potential for change— more than us.

We're a Female-Led Pleasure Positive Brand Born in London, UK.

After working with industry-leading pleasure brands for more than 23 years, we’ve come to know the restrictions and barriers placed on sex toys all too well. So we're bringing you a product that is first and foremost about delivering pleasure while being beautiful, powerful, and challenging the status quo.

"DIVE INTO YOUR LUSTS" is more than a brand slogan; it's a mission statement embedded into COSTECA's DNA and runs through every company process as an unstoppable driving force.

Our mission at Costeca is to dispel the taboo surrounding sex toys and other products designed specifically to make you feel good.

Well-designed pleasure should be available to all, not just people ‘in the know’.

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We don’t categorise our toys by gender because we believe that you should be able to make the decision about what’s right for your body (plus inanimate objects don’t have genders). Rather than dictate what toys are for you, we give you the information needed to make your own choice.

Make a difference

Whenever you make a purchase on Costeca™, you support charities.

We donate 13% of our profits to a rotating selection of charities on a twice yearly basis.

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