Maybe you think you learned everything there is to know about oral in high school or maybe you still feel totally in the dark. Either way, we’re about to shed some light on lesser known facts, tips and tricks to get you an A+ in everything oral


This is a big one that you may have learned way back when, but most likely didn’t put into practice. We don’t want to start an article about the incredible pleasures of oral sex with a total bummer. But we’re totally going to. When it comes to penetrative sex with a new partner or one with an unknown STD/STI status, people tend to take many more precautions then they do with oral sex. Oral sex without a condom or a dam has a high risk for passing herpessyphilisgonorrheaHPV and hepatitis B.  So, while the age-old complaint that it “doesn’t feel as good” through latex may or may not be true, it just doesn’t matter. It’s 100% not worth the risk of messing around down there. You’re a smart cookie, so stock up on condoms, dams or both.


So now that you’re being safer, by either using protection or knowing you’ve each had up to date testing done, it’s time to get into the fun stuff. Like with any sex act, no one person is the same or enjoys the exact same things. You may think you’re the ‘master of going down’, but the only thing that makes you a true master, is being an incredible listener and being adaptable. Listen to your partner’s words (of course) but also listen to their body. Do they arch their back, or moan or thrust their body towards you? Well, chances are pretty good they’re into whatever you’re up to. Do they suddenly get a bit quiet? Check in. Just because someone is quiet, does not mean they’re bored. They may just be super focused and in the zone. But the only way to know is to communicate. So, don’t be shy, making sure your partner is having a great time is sexy, not embarrassing. Don’t assume to know everything and you’ll learn a ton. If you're nervous talking during sex, read this article on how to make communication sexy.


We hate to sound like a broken record, but we’re going to say it again. Communicate. You need to communicate everything from how deep, how wet, how fast and where you want them to finish. You are under absolutely no obligation to take semen in your mouth or even on your body if that’s not what you want. If something is uncomfortable like they’re pushing too deep into your throat. Stop, communicate and decide if you want to continue.

People with penises can like being teased as well. Build up excitement with nibbles and kisses everywhere but their penis and see how they start to squirm. And never underestimate making out, if that’s something you do together.

Get comfortable. Nothing kills the mood like a cramp in your neck or sore knees. Use pillows to prop you or your partner into the perfect position before you start. Start with licks. For many people with penises, the frenulum, the underside of the penis head, can be especially sensitive. You can then move on to swirling tongue motions or taking them more fully into your mouth. If your partner enjoys a sucking motion, shape your mouth into an ‘O’ shape and allow your tongue to guide your mouth up and down until you find a good rhythm, and most important of all, don’t forget your hands. Shaping your hand into an ‘O’ with either your thumb and pointer (a-ok!) or all the fingers except for your pinky, allows for you to extend the sensation and apply varying pressure.


Rim jobs, salad tossing, eating ass. Whatever you want to call it, analingus/anilingus is the act of performing oral on the booty. This sweet erogenous zone is full of nerve endings and a little oral attention can feel amazing. Going back to safer sex, you need to consider some additional hygiene tips when it comes to butt stuff. Showering first (or simply doing it in the shower) is step one, as there is bacteria at play here that can be transmitted easily to other orifices. If you are using dental dams, remember that it’s one per area and if not, give your face and mouth a quick wash up if you’re moving onto cunnilingus.

When it comes to technique, test out some different approaches to see what feels good. Try a mix of slow, flat tongue licks with faster, swirling motions.



October 21, 2022 — Carla Gilbert